Establishing Custody And Visitation Schedules

If you have children and are facing a divorce, establishing custody and a visitation schedule can be one of the most complicated and potentially volatile aspects of the negotiations. Make sure you work with a lawyer who can help you establish a schedule that will work for everyone involved with a minimum level of stress.

At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, we have a wealth of experience helping clients in all aspects of child custody and other divorce-related matters, including visitation schedules. We represent clients throughout the areas of Lexington and Florence, Kentucky.

Issues That Arise In Visitation

In years past, divorce courts would grant one parent primary physical custody and allow the other parent certain visitation times. Today, the courts prefer shared parenting time that allows the child to maintain an equal relationship with both parents.

Many couples work to establish their own visitation schedules, based on standardized visitation guidelines that provide as close to equal time-sharing as possible.

But problems often arise when couples try to negotiate the details of their visitation schedules. Hurt feelings and built-up angst can cloud judgment and make these negotiations more difficult than they need to be.

Attorney Eric Grinnell represents clients in divorce and child custody mediation. The presence of a neutral mediator is often valuable in allowing couples to work together to establish a visitation schedule that will work long term for everyone involved. Attorney Eric Grinnell can walk you through the entire process and protect your interests.

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