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Among the many difficult aspects of getting a divorce, talking to your kids about the matter is probably the most challenging. While your children are bound to feel a range of emotions, you can lessen the blow by approaching the subject in the appropriate manner. Accordingly, offers the following advice to parents in Kentucky to help them speak to their children about their impending divorce.

Plan Out What You Will Say

There are certain points you want to bring up when speaking with your kids. This entails having a solid plan in place, so you can make sure you hit on all the important aspects and not deviate from the core message. For instance, reiterate that both you and your spouse love your children and that this love will persist even after the divorce is finalized. You should also make it clear that your child is in no responsible for what is happening, as children often blame themselves for issues in their parents’ marriage.

Be Prepared for a Range of Reactions

Your children are bound to react in a myriad of ways after you break the news. Some will express anger and hurt while others may appear sad and dismayed. You must be prepared for a wide range of reactions and accept these responses with an open mind. Encourage your kids to ask questions about what is occurring while also making it known that whatever they’re feeling is completely acceptable.

Deliver the News as a Team

No matter how you feel about your spouse, it’s best to deliver the news as a team. This will instill in your children the notion that both parents will be there for them no matter what. It can also be a bit more soothing to hear it from both sides at once, especially for younger kids who might lack emotional maturity. No matter what, you and your spouse should treat each other civilly in front of your kids to prevent even further negative emotions from occurring.