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If you’re divorcing in Richmond, you’re most likely concerned about being prepared for the subsequent custody hearing. Whether you’re filing for joint or sole custody, it’s crucial that you have your case in order to make a good impression on the judge, who will be making decisions based on the best interests of the child. In this event, offers the following information to ensure parents have the tools they need to effectively communicate their case in court.

Dress the Part

Any court appearance requires the right wardrobe. Dressing too casually or in sloppy attire will give a poor impression to the judge, who may determine that you don’t take the issue seriously. In general, any clothing you would wear to a job interview will suffice. You can also talk to your attorney for recommendations.

Be Respectful & Courteous

Along with dressing the part, you also want to ensure you behave in the appropriate manner. Refrain from using harsh language with your former spouse or any of the courtroom officials and prepare the statements you plan on making to ensure you know just what you’re going to say. While emotional topics may be raised, refrain from having an outburst or reacting in a dramatic manner. Many legal teams go through mock trials with their clients to prepare them for what may occur.

Know Which Documents to Bring

You also want to make sure you have all the documents you need for court. This can include things like statements on child support payments, visitation schedules, and logs of phone calls made between your child and ex. If you’re filing for sole custody, you may also bring things like text messages or emails to establish why you’re the better parent. Be sure to check with your lawyer on the admissibility of any documents.