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At the Grinnell Law Firm, PSC, we know that there are many reasons someone might miss a support payment or two. Temporary setbacks are part of everyone’s lives in Kentucky, and sometimes these momentary hurdles get in the way of our clients’ abilities to make good on their obligations to their former spouses or their children. 

We are also well aware that some setbacks are not as temporary as others. Life-changing events, such as an injury, relocation or a change in career, might leave an indelible mark on an individual’s life, precluding him or her from fulfilling part or all of a divorce agreement. Luckily, we are often able to reforge these agreements within the constraints of state law in order to better fit our clients’ new situation.

Individuals should pay the amount of support they are able to their children and spouse, as the court decided in the divorce agreement. On the other hand, a spousal or child support agreement should never become an undue burden. Although our clients are often frustrated or ashamed when they first approach us with divorce modification issues, we try to communicate the fact that modifications are a re-investment in the agreement.

There are sometimes social stigmas along with the formal penalties associated with neglecting support payments. We are proud to serve some part in facilitating our clients’ desires to build and strengthen relationships, especially those with their children, through the reworking and maintenance of reasonable support agreements. Please continue to read on at our main website.