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When getting a divorce in Kentucky, one of the financial matters that you may have to deal with is the allocation of alimony, sometimes called spousal support. This is a payment made from one spouse to the other for the purposes of providing financial support after the divorce. According to the Kentucky Legislature, there are two reasons why spousal support is granted by the court.

The first reason is that your ex-spouse is unable to financially provide for him or herself by gaining employment. This includes if your ex-spouse is taking care of a child and this prevents him or her from seeking employment. The second reason is if the property he or she got as part of the divorce settlement cannot provide for his or her needs financially.

If the court determines that alimony should be allocated, then it will look into other factors to determine how much and how long you will pay support. This includes looking at how long you were married and at your current ages and health conditions. A determination is made about the possibility for future employment of your spouse as well. The amount you pay may often be based on the standard of living during the marriage and if your ex-spouse is the custodial parent for your minor children.

The court also considers your financial situation. It will determine how much you can pay while still being able to handle your own financial needs. This information is for education and is not legal advice.