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When you and your spouse are getting divorced in Kentucky, you will need to negotiate a child custody agreement that discusses where your children will reside, how critical parenting decisions will be made and how visitation schedules will work. Creating an agreement that benefits you, your soon-to-be ex and your children are imperative to maintaining positive relationships. Over time, you may discover the need to modify the agreement that you initially made to keep it accurate and valid. 

Understanding under what conditions a modification may be requested can help you to manage your agreement effectively. According to, some of the reasons why you may ask for changes to be made and your agreement to be updated include the following:

  • Your former spouse passes away and is no longer around to participate in parenting your children. 
  • You have evidence that your child’s life is endangered due to domestic violence, substance abuse or unstable living conditions. 
  • Your former spouse is neglecting to abide by the terms and conditions that were previously laid out in your initial agreement. 
  • Either you or your ex has relocated and it is no longer feasible to retain the previously agreed-upon visitation schedule. 

It is important to regularly revisit your agreement to make sure that it is still functioning as effectively as possible. If you and your ex can agree upon a modified arrangement, it is imperative that you still go through the court system to have your contract updated to provide clarification if there are ever disagreements in the future. The information in this article is intended for educational purposes only and should not be taken as legal advice.