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While divorce is rarely easy, for members of the military it can be much harder. There are many factors that simply aren’t present during a civilian divorce, and military divorces can make you feel as though you’re going through it completely alone. In this case, Task and Purpose offer the following tips so you can navigate the process with the least amount of stress as possible.

Bring together documents now

The toughest part of a divorce is often divvying up assets, but you can make this a bit easier by getting together necessary documents now. This includes information on bank accounts, mortgage documents, property deeds/titles, and any other information pertaining to marital property. That way you and your legal team will have an accurate accounting of what items are up for grabs, which will allow you to devise the best legal strategy.

Don’t go without legal help

In the same token, never go into a divorce without reliable legal guidance. Even if you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are in agreement on major issues, an attorney’s advice can prove invaluable. Additionally, military divorces tend to be more complex in terms of laws and regulations, and you want to make sure your lawyer is well-suited to the task.

Maintain good behavior

On a personal level, make sure you’re taking care of yourself, but also steer clear of any behavior that could make you look bad during a divorce. Even things you post on social media could come back to haunt you, especially if they point to infidelity or an attempt to hide assets. Maintain good behavior and don’t do anything you would be embarrassed about if it were brought up in court.