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Are you eligible for survivor benefits after a divorce?

As the spouse of a member of the military in Richmond, you no doubt are asked to make many personal sacrifices in order to accommodate your spouse's service. One of those may be establishing yourself professionally due to the constant relocations that military service often requires. As a result, you remain dependent on your spouse's military income. That dependence continues if you choose to divorce, and perhaps even after your ex-spouse retires. Yet what happens if the die before you? Typically, the families of members of the military who pass away are entitled to survivor benefits. Yet would you retain that eligibility after your marriage has ended? 

Are you ready for a divorce?

Marriage is one of the strongest symbols of human optimism in Kentucky. Despite increasing divorce rates, many people continue to walk down the aisle, hoping for a lifelong commitment. Such a commitment is indeed possible, but it takes two to tango and sometimes your partner may be dancing to a much different tune.

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