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Marriage is one of the strongest symbols of human optimism in Kentucky. Despite increasing divorce rates, many people continue to walk down the aisle, hoping for a lifelong commitment. Such a commitment is indeed possible, but it takes two to tango and sometimes your partner may be dancing to a much different tune.

That said, you may now be wondering if divorce is the right course of action. According to The New York Times, couples should approach divorce with the same careful thinking that led them down the aisle. So, with this in mind, here are a few questions you should ask yourself before filing for divorce.

Can anything save the marriage?

If you still love your partner, this is a question you may need to explore to ensure there is closure. Trying to save the marriage may sound counterintuitive, but many people divorce and then remarry each other. If there is something you or your partner could do to save the marriage now, then consider this route. At the very least, if the answer is “nothing” you may make a clean end of things and move on.

How will a divorce affect your life?

When you get a divorce, the tasks your partner used to take care of might now be up to you. You may also have the new responsibility ahead of managing a single-parenting household. Ensure that you mentally and financially prepare yourself for these changes, so that you might live a happy and healthy life after divorce.

How will this affect the kids?

Having both parents in the home is often considered ideal. However, that may only prove true when both parents have a happy, healthy and functional relationship. If one or both parties are unhappy, then this may ultimately do more harm than good for the children. In these cases, divorce may be the best option. Many children not only adjust to co-parenting, but grow to like it.

When the question of marriage comes up in a divorce, even if neither party has made a decision on the matter, the marriage may already be in trouble. It is important for both parties to decide whether or not this is really the end. If yes, you can then make the necessary preparations to embark on a new life without your partner.

This information is provided to explore important questions that are worth considering before filing for divorce. It should not be interpreted as legal advice.