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Many couples in Kentucky struggle with their marriages. Divorce rates were just one factor recently used in a study that determined the most stressed states in the country. Kentucky ranked fourth as most stressed. 

Couples will experience more stress if their divorce process goes on for months or even years. Sometimes, there is nothing to do about this. Contentious divorces are occasionally unavoidable, but a couple can take steps to try to speed up proceedings. 

Seek counseling

In this instance, the purpose of counseling is not to try to save the marriage. Counseling can help immensely with both spouses seeing issues from the other’s perspective. Divorce is an emotional time, and you may want to retain certain assets, even though it does not make any sense for you to have them. By going to counseling, both of you set aside your feelings to determine who should get what. Counseling can help you make smarter decisions, so you do not drag out the process for no reason. 

Get ready to compromise

The primary reason why divorces go on for too long is due to the couple’s inability to compromise. Child custody and property division are usually the two most contentious issues a couple has to deal with. There is no need to yield on either of these issues if they are that important to you, but you need to know when to let go of a certain issue. You may want full custody of your child, but the judge will almost always opt for split custody unless evidence suggests something else would be preferable. 

Act early

Many people wait far too long to divorce. Once you know the marriage is over, you should talk to an attorney and get the necessary paperwork. You should get all documents your lawyer asks you to provide quickly so you can get the process underway faster.