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At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, we know that there are many misconceptions that Kentucky residents hear after a child support order is made by the court. If you receive child support, your ex may have told you that you must give him or her receipts, or he or she may try to dictate how you spend the money. Family members and friends may inform you that you must report your spending to the court. Understandably, this information can give you a great deal of anxiety about how you spend child support.

Fortunately, as FindLaw explains, family court will not ask for receipts or proof of your child support spending. Your ex-spouse also may not tell you how to spend it or demand receipts. As you know, child support is for your children’s benefit, but you can use your discretion on how to spend the money. You may, for example, consider the following expenses necessary for your children’s well-being:

  • Food, clothing and necessities
  • School supplies, tuition, tutoring and extracurricular activities
  • Medication, doctor’s visits and medical insurance
  • Savings for emergencies or future college funds

It may surprise you to learn that you can also choose to spend child support on your children’s emotional needs. Something that makes your children happy or builds family memories, such as movie tickets, birthday gifts, a restaurant meal or a family road trip can all be considered acceptable child support expenditures.

As our page on child support explains, this area of family law can be complex and emotional. You deserve to know your rights and to have peace of mind when making decisions for your children.