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Marriages break down for countless reasons, and many people have filed for divorce as a result of domestic violence, infidelity or growing apart from their spouse over the course of many years. In this post, we will examine the role that addiction can play in the breakdown of a marriage. There are many different habits that people may struggle with and these addictions can be absolutely detrimental to any relationship, whether they involve sex, drugs, gambling or other areas of concern.

If your spouse is addicted to alcohol or an unlawful substance, you may be struggling with numerous hardships. In addition to difficult behavior, their addiction may be especially harmful if you have kids who are exposed to their behavior and they may lead to financial problems as well. Or, if you are married to someone who has a sex addiction you may be very upset with their actions and no longer able to stay in the marriage. Gambling, overeating and even an addiction to working excessively can also be very harmful in any marriage.

If you have decided that divorce is necessary, you should carefully prepare yourself for what may lie ahead. You might have the ability to work through this process with your spouse, or they may be very combative during the divorce and you may have to be ready for contentious disputes. However, nobody should feel as if they are trapped in a relationship, especially if they have to deal with their partner’s difficult behavior as a result of an addiction.