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Going through a divorce can be a lonely, isolating process. This is especially true while your kids are with your ex-spouse for summer vacation or visitation. Re-building your life is key in this case, but this can be a difficult process for many people. Accordingly, Psychology Today offers the following tips on how you can deal with loneliness after getting divorced. 

Don’t try to do it alone

You might feel reluctant to reach out to friends and family for help after your divorce. However, this is the first step to regaining control of your life, especially if you feel lonely or isolated. Social connections are integral to the healing process. Not only does a strong social network allow you to talk about your thoughts and feelings, it also distracts you when you’re feeling bad. 

Don’t rush through the grieving process

Divorce is a form of loss, and as a result, people go through a grieving process similar to what occurs when a loved one dies. This process must run its course, and it takes longer for some people to work through their grief about the end of their marriage. Don’t try to deny your feelings or claim that you’re over what occurred if that’s not actually the case. This can actually make bad feelings worse and will only serve to increase your loneliness. 

Don’t stay stuck in the past

In the same token, you don’t want to stay mired hopelessly in grief for many years to come. If you’re finding it difficult to process your emotions in a meaningful way, consider talking with a therapist. He or she can help you make sense of your post-divorce life and take the proper steps to decrease loneliness and forge new connections. A therapist can also provide healthy coping mechanisms for those times when you’re feeling down.