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Being in the military is a demanding job. It can take its toll on your physically, emotionally and mentally. However, it is also very rewarding, which is why so many people make the military a career. One part of being a professional soldier is that it often involves deployment and long periods away from your family. This can take a toll on a marriage in Kentucky, but does being active-duty military increase your chances of getting a divorce?

The common assumption has always been that active-duty military are the most likely to get a divorce due to separation and other factors that can make a relationship challenging. However, explains that it is a misconception that divorce is the common path. For a decade, the rate of divorce for active-duty military has gone down.

The decline has been slow, but it is still a decline based on statistics involving married men in the service. The news for enlisted women is not as good, though. They have a higher chance of divorce than men. In 2018, men had a 2.6% divorce rate whereas women had a 6.3% rate. The rate for men is even lower than the national rate of 3.2%.

Overall, though, since there are more enlisted men than women, the rate is dropping. Being in the military comes with issues and challenges, but that is true of all marriages. It really comes down to a willingness to make it work despite the things that could tear it apart. This information is for education and is not legal advice.