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Keeping a family together can be difficult for members of the military in Kentucky because of the demands of their jobs. Being away from home often can put a lot of strain on a marriage. Not to mention, the changes a person may go through when on active duty, especially in a war zone, that make him or her a different person, which can change the overall dynamics of the relationship. Furthermore, life at home has gone on as normal, and the family begins to adjust to life without the military parent. This is why the divorce rate for military marriages is high. There may be a solution to help everyone reconnect and to get the marriage and family on the right track again.

Today suggests that marriage retreats can bring a couple closer and help them to reconnect after a military deployment. Such retreats can even include the children to allow for the whole family to focus on getting comfortable with each other again.

A retreat often means going away from home to someplace where things are not stressful. Many remove the distractions of everyday life, such as television and mobile devices. They help the family focus on just being together, which helps to spark conversation and encourage relaxation.

Removing the stress and allowing everyone in the family to just focus on each other can greatly help a couple to find the connection that keeps them together. It also helps children to become more comfortable with having the military parent back in their daily lives. Above all, it creates a new bond between family members. This information is for education and is not legal advice.