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At the Grinnell Firm, we know that one of the most difficult parts of your divorce is figuring out your parenting plan. Finding a balance is often tough. Keeping your focus on the children can make things easier, but then you may have something come up that complicates things further. This is often the case if you have a request for third-party visitation in Kentucky.

A third-party visitation is when someone other than the parents want visitation rights to your children. This could be a grandparent or ex-stepparent. The person making the request is usually someone who is close to your children and loves them. They just want the right to spend some time with them.

Third-party visitation may occur at other times outside of a divorce situation, too. If your children have lived with your parents in the past due to you not being able to care for them, then your parents may request visitation once your children come back to live with you.

In such situations, the court will consider everyone’s claims, including the children. It will asses how the children feel and what is best for them over anything else. The court can and does grant third-party visitation requests if it seems like it is what is best for the children. Remember the overall goal of any type of custody situation is what is healthiest and best for the children. The court only wants them to be safe, healthy and happy, which might mean a third party becomes involved in your custody arrangements. This information is for education and is not legal advice.