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For parents in Kentucky, making sure the kids have a great time is a priority for many. For struggling couples who are considering divorce, this may mean putting off filing until after the holidays. Even though it is a busy time, it is a good idea to start preparing for divorce now to ease stress in January.

According to Market Watch, there are a number of things to consider before filing for divorce. A big one is to decide if this life-changing decision is the right choice. Especially with children involved, a couple should do everything they can, including counseling, before calling it quits. A couple should also decide if they want to go through traditional court litigation or if they are able to communicate and negotiate enough for the mediation process.

Some other factors to take action on before filing include:

  • Collect and organize account statements, tax returns and lists of assets and debts
  • Make personal and financial goals for the future
  • Make a post-divorce budget
  • Obtain credit report
  • Close joint accounts
  • Consider what custody arrangement is best for the children

Kids Health discusses that divorce affects children of all ages, and that parents should do what they can to help them through the process. If waiting until after the holidays to file, it is ok to wait to tell the kids, but do it as soon as possible. Both parents should be present, and they should also make sure to let the kids know it is not their fault. Parents should practice before sitting the kids down, and they should prepare to answer a lot of questions.

During, and after, the divorce, parents should always keep conflict and negativity away from the kids. There should be minimal disruption to their daily routines, and each parent should stay active in the children’s lives.