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Divorce requires emotional adjustment for the entire family, especially when you share children with your former spouse. When you start thinking about dating again, you likely have concerns about how another change will affect your parenting relationship.

Avoid these common mistakes when you begin seeing new people as a single parent.

Take your time

It can be tempting to enter another relationship quickly, especially if you feel lonely and confused after divorce. However, taking the time to truly heal will help ensure that your next romantic partnership is a healthy one. In addition, children may have difficulty adjusting to another new person in their lives right after a divorce occurs.

Be honest, but remain private

Children do not need to meet every person you casually date, but when the relationship becomes serious, the time has come to have an honest conversation. However, while you should be upfront with kids about important people in their lives, that does not mean you should share the details of your love life. Keep it brief and age-appropriate.

Let relationships develop naturally

Avoid introducing a new partner to your children until you think he or she may be a long-term part of your life. Even as your partner and your kids get to know each other, let your children move at their own pace when it comes to developing a relationship with someone new. Remember that if you create a life with this person, you are actually creating a new family that includes your children.

Stay selective

Many single parents feel that they have a limited dating pool. Adjust your perspective and remember that a new person is lucky to spend time with you. Be careful about who you let into your life, ensuring that they share similar beliefs and core values.

Above all, keep open lines of communication with your children. They should feel comfortable sharing their honest thoughts and feelings about the changes in their lives with you.