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Military Divorce Archives

Where should I file for divorce?

Military divorces are often more complex than civilian divorces. Members of the military and their families are accustomed to moving around a lot, which can make it difficult to determine the actual state of their residence. recommends looking into a few key factors to make the best decision for you. 

Dealing with custody during deployment

One of your primary concerns following your divorce in Richmond is likely to be maintaining frequent contact with your children. Such contact may be relatively easy to maintain thanks to your custody or visitation schedule, yet what happens if and when your military obligations call you away. Many in your same situation who are facing a deployment come to us here at The Grinnell Law Firm, PSC concerned that they will have difficulty getting back into the same routine with their kids once they return. If you share the same worries, your fears certainly are justified. You can rest assured, however, that state the recognizes the importance of your service and will not penalize you for that. 

Are you eligible for survivor benefits after a divorce?

As the spouse of a member of the military in Richmond, you no doubt are asked to make many personal sacrifices in order to accommodate your spouse's service. One of those may be establishing yourself professionally due to the constant relocations that military service often requires. As a result, you remain dependent on your spouse's military income. That dependence continues if you choose to divorce, and perhaps even after your ex-spouse retires. Yet what happens if the die before you? Typically, the families of members of the military who pass away are entitled to survivor benefits. Yet would you retain that eligibility after your marriage has ended? 

What is a military protective order?

Victims of domestic violence often feel as though they are powerless to stop their abusers. If you have been the victim of such abuse at the hands of a spouse who is also a member of the military, those feelings may be even more prevalent. The very nature of your spouse's work may make them an even greater danger to you, as they may have combat training or easy access to weapons. Plus, you may not know to whom you can report such abuse, as questions of jurisdiction often come up between military personnel and standard law enforcement authorities. Yet there are resources that the military does offer to protect you from an abusive servicemember spouse

How can I deal with my divorce?

While divorce is rarely easy, for members of the military it can be much harder. There are many factors that simply aren’t present during a civilian divorce, and military divorces can make you feel as though you’re going through it completely alone. In this case, Task and Purpose offer the following tips so you can navigate the process with the least amount of stress as possible.

How can I stay connected to my kids during deployment?

While divorce can be difficult under any circumstances, it can be even more of a challenge for people in the military. This is especially true when you’re deployed, which can make it tough to remain connected to your kids. Parents offers the following advice in this case, which will help you bond with your kids no matter where you are.

Keeping your TRICARE coverage

As a military spouse, you no doubt had to make sacrifices to support your husband or wife's career. One of the primary trade-offs for that sacrifice was likely the benefits you enjoyed due to his or her service. Health insurance coverage through TRICARE was probably one of the most important. Now that you are preparing for a divorce and looking ahead to your life in Richmond, you might be worried about how you will be able to replace that coverage. Several of the clients that we here at The Grinnell Firm, PSC have worked with have shared the same concern. You will be happy to hear (as they were) that such coverage can continue even after your divorce. 

Explaining the 20/20/20 Rule

As the spouse to a service member in Richmond, you are likely well aware of the challenges that many military couples face. If those challenges have prompted you to seek a divorce, you (like many of those that we here at The Grinnell Firm, PSC have worked with in the past) are probably facing a very uncertain future. So many military spouses make sacrifices to support their husbands' or wives' service that they end up in a position of relying on them for many of their basic necessities. While married, those necessities were met thanks to your spouse's military benefits. Will that access continue now that you are divorced? 

Military divorce challenges can last a long time after the divorce.

Most military service members, officers and other military personnel understand that the process of going through a divorce in the military can be extremely complicated. Matters of jurisdiction, deployment, custody and other complex issues make the military divorce process much more difficult than most civilian divorces.

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