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Facing DUI Or Drug Charges In Kentucky | There Is Hope For You

In the state of Kentucky, certain drugs and DUI violations can result in charges at both the state and federal level. Being convicted of a drug charge can carry a stiff sentence that may involve time in prison, jail, community service or significant fines.

The most important factor when facing drug or DUI charges is to admit nothing, stay silent, and contact an experienced drug and DUI lawyer right away. At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, we will always work to advise you on the best path forward. This can mean working with a prosecutor, looking at plea deals, or offering other consequences instead of jail time. We will always be honest and realistic about the criminal charges and outcomes you may be facing.

Drug And DUI Offenses We Can Help Defend

We have the experience to investigate and defend crimes involving illegal substances and actions, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing or growing illicit drugs such as marijuana
  • Trafficking, transporting, importing or distributing drugs
  • Having drugs on your person, known as possession, with intent to distribute
  • College crimes such as buying or using drugs
  • First violation DUIs, license suspension or multiple DUI charges

Medical And Recreational Marijuana | Changes To Kentucky Legislation In 2018

As marijuana use grows for personal and medical use, drug laws are always evolving to encompass new legislation. As the Kentucky government looks at Marijuana bills that approve it for medical usage, the rules and licenses regarding it could be changing this year. We can help answer your questions about medical marijuana laws and help defend minor drug charges if you are caught with marijuana on your person.

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Call The Grinnell Firm, PSC, today to schedule a free attorney consultation at our Florence, Kentucky, office about your case. We are pleased to serve clients in Richmond and Lexington, Kentucky, areas and the surrounding Madison and Winchester County.

We know you are worried about what the future may hold when you are facing drug or DUI charges. We will honestly and realistically answer your questions and discuss a defense strategy. Call us at 859-348-6723 or set up an appointment via our online form.