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Protect Your Future | Criminal Convictions In College Have A Lasting Impact

Leaving home to go to college is an exciting day for students and parents – though it can come with many newfound freedoms that allow for poor choices. If you or your student is facing a criminal conviction or charge from the local police or university, we can help look at the impact of criminal convictions on college students.

At The Grinnell Firm, PSC, we are local to a number of Kentucky colleges such as Brown Mackie College, Thomas More College, Beckfield College, Indiana Wesleyan University or Strayer University. We understand how to work with Richmond, Lexington and Richmond-area college disciplinary hearings and admissions office. Having drug charges on your record will significantly affect the schools willing to look at your applications and can directly affect your future jobs or career. It can also end your plans to be a college athlete or receive an athletic or education scholarship.

Sealing Or Expunging Criminal Records

We can fight to seal your past criminal records or expunge the charges to give you a fresh start as you look at the future. Having any drug-related or criminal records can prevent you from pursuing the degree or university you were planning for – creating numerous closed doors for your future at a time when life should be an open pathway.

If your child faced charges as a juvenile or is over 18 and a college student, do not hesitate to reach out to a criminal lawyer for help. We can give you an honest outlook on your future and seek legal action to help provide the best future possible. Some charges may even stay with you for a lifetime – do not let your future be marred by mistakes made as a juvenile or college student.

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Call The Grinnell Firm, PSC, for a free attorney consultation on your charges whether you are looking at college or already a student. We serve local clients in Madison County and Winchester from our Florence, Kentucky, office.

The future should be bright for your student – let us review your case and provide an honest outlook on the best way forward. Call 859-348-6723 or use our online form 24/7 to set up your consultation today.